Saturday, October 6, 2012

Head in the clouds: International Commerce Center

Tallest building in Hong Kong, fourth tallest in the world. So of course I had to go up there. At least, to the 100th floor observation deck (there are 118 floors total). Two regrets: that I didn't go up earlier so that I could have seen the sunset, and that I forgot the mini-binoculars I'd borrowed from my mom (hi, Mom!). Oh, well - next time.

Here you go, proof that I was actually in HK and I didn't just steal these pictures from other people off the internet:

When you step off at the 100th floor, there's a glass floor and underneath it an amazing scale model of Kowloon, the Harbor and the north shore of HK Island:

This one isn't a model:

It's a little hard to see here, but there are a couple people still slaving away over the hot computers in the window near the upper left corner:

Hong Kong Cute strikes again - the "Sky100" observation deck has an official set of cartoon mascots:

(They must have gotten official permission from the real Bruce's estate, who are notoriously touchy about protecting his image... or at least their profits. Oops, I hope they don't sue me!)

The rooftop pool of some hotel or apartment building next door (objects in photo are further than they appear - I had my camera on extreme zoom for this one):

I can't remember if this is a picture I took looking north over Kowloon, or a shot from Blade Runner:

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  1. So... what day are you up to of your Hong Kong visit? Put another way: how many more posts should we expect to see... before you return to Hong Kong for another visit?! :D