Saturday, March 10, 2012

Night wandering (and foraging)

Maybe my favorite thing to do was just wander around the streets, especially at night. A sampling here from just one evening, with more to come.

The couple pictures below give an idea of how narrow a lot of the sidewalks were (not all of them, certainly). 

I think that below I was in the nightlife district of SoHo ("South of Hollywood Road") - not exactly hopping on a Monday evening. Better that way. Again, it's hard to capture in still photos the interesting spatial dynamics of a crowded neighborhood on a steep hillside like this. I took these from the top of a staircase leading up to the next street, which was at least a couple dozen feet higher than the one you're looking at.

Hong Kong hasn't been completely taken over by supermarket culture yet, and outdoor food markets like this are still common, all day and late into the night.

The crowd casually parts to let through a delivery van - and then just fills up the street again.

Near the Mid-Levels Escalator is one of the last remaining dai pai dong outdoor eating stalls on Hong Kong Island. They used to be a ubiquitous part of the local culture, but the government isn't issuing licenses for them anymore, supposedly from concerns over hygiene and maybe also because they have some notion that they're an embarrassing, primitive holdover from a less sophisticated time. The first shot is from the escalator.

In the background below you can see the escalator from where I took the first shot.

My tasty, tentacular dinner:

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