Saturday, February 11, 2012

Signs and wonders

Amazingly vivid and sometimes bizarre signs are all over Hong Kong like rhinestones on Michael Jackson's glove. I especially like the public service announcements exhorting residents and visitors to all sorts of safe and proper behaviors. You would think commercial advertisements would be more heavily soaked in often incongruous cutesiness and perkiness, but the government PSAs have them beat. One of my HK friends thinks this is probably an instance of Japanese pop culture influence. Below is a sample - more to come later.

I have no idea...

HK cigarette pack warnings pull no punches:

Anywhere there's a button that's pressed by many public hands, you'll find one of these signs:


Actor Eric Tsang again - guys does a lot of advertising:

A vending machine for smoking cessation products at the Tsimshatsui ferry pier :


  1. Hi Michael --

    Are you planning to add any more entries? And if so, will it be like one a month? :S

    1. Ha! Hi, YT. Funny, I was just sitting down to do some more and saw your comment. No, I've just been at once busy and a slacker lately - I hope to pick up the pace from here out. Nice to know I've got at least one eager reader!